World War I Weapons and Tactics


Artillery Image

Artillery played a vital role in World War I. These massive guns fired shells that decimated enemy forces. Ranging from long-barreled guns to mortars, artillery had devastating effects. Mortars, fired from the safety of trenches, rained explosives on enemies. However, alongside its power, artillery brought massive destruction to the battlefield.

Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare Image

Chemical warfare introduced deadly gases like mustard gas during World War I. These gases caused horrific effects, from lung irritation to choking and death. Initially used by France but later predominantly by Germany, they posed a terrifying threat on the battlefield, often requiring makeshift gas masks until proper protection arrived.

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare Image

Trenches served as both defense and danger during World War I. Offering cover from enemy fire, they also fostered diseases like trench foot due to unsanitary conditions. However, these trenches concealed secrets...


Tanks Image

Thanks were next to revolutionary, the adtition of tanks to armys was great due to the ability to drive straight through any defence while being in an armored monster.


Zepplin img

Zepplins were massive blimps that usually had big guns or bombs on them to mow down people from below. Commonly used by the germans.



Aircraft was a new way of traveling in the air without the use of a giant gas balloon that could explode at any moment.



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